Considering A Dental Menu At Your Practice? Part 2 – Main Content

I think the menu, right like, because it’s going to be on, you know like on the… note pad or something like that, clip board right?

– Yep.

– I don’t think it’s important to have this part, I think if you just focus more on the content you obviously, we need to add in images and things like that.

– That’s where I started to use an image, but I haven’t quite cropped it yet, but it’s more to get the main content into the page first. So we had the hygiene menu one and menus three sections. After looking at it though, I believe there’s some sizing issues here and there that we have to tweak.

– And you know, obviously the alignment, just make it look nicer. So you see how he got the value right, like we got $390 for take-home whitening pack, in some instances a savings of 50% and you only pay $195, obviously these numbers are arbitrary we haven’t actually confirmed with the client yet, but we’ll figure it out, those things can be changed. That’s the small popcorn, the medium popcorn is the Zoom whitening, and then, which is $400 something, $445, and it’s only $50 more and they get whitening for life, which means they get to take the take-home stuff in there as well.

– That’s right.

– So I think that’s a good idea because… Patients are to go “Oh you only pay $50 more “I can literally get teeth whitening forever.” We just combine that into hygiene as well. All right, so they have to pay for the check-up and cleaning, which I think they need to do anyway, and a lot of the health insurance is free anyway, so yeah, that’s good. And I think Howard said that, if the saving is not significant we might do the saving of dollar figure.

– Yeah that’s right, it shows a more larger number that varies.

– Yeah yeah, once again, it depends on what’s really, what’s more impact.

– That’s right, especially when you look at $195 to the $445 here, there’s a larger, there’s a smaller margin compared to the first two.

– Yeah, yeah, yeah, cool yeah good stuff, just on that feedback just make those tweaks. I think you have an alignment that needs to be over there. Yeah, cool. So we got plenty of other videos similar to this where you help shift your marketing of your practice, either subscribe to us on YouTube, or like us on Facebook, and be notified the next time a video comes out.

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