Is a Competitor Trying to Steal Your Patients?

I just got a message from one of our clients. He sent a screen shot of a competitor who is actually advertising his business name in their ad, blatantly attempting to stealing their clients. It’s quite unethical in my opinion.


We actually had another client in a similar situation, however that client had their name trademarked. So we were able to get Google to add that name to their trademark list, which prevents competitors from using that name in their ad copies.


If your competitor is actually advertising your business name, one, you should be flattered. And two, it show’s they’re desperate. There’s nothing to worry too much about because most of time when people are actually searching for your business name, they’re searching for you. I think the chance of your competitors actually stealing patients who are looking for you is very unlikely.


Moreover, competitors using your business or brand name are most likely paying a very high cost per click for that keywords because Google looks at the quality scores and determines how relevant their page is to that keyword. And obviously if it’s a competitor marketing your brand name, their page is very irrelevant to that keyword. Essentially, it means they’re paying a very high cost-per-click and their conversions aren’t going to be that great.


So my advice is don’t worry about. We’ll do our best to make sure we make it as hard as possible for your competitors to advertise your name directly but overall, don’t sweat it. They’re wasting their money.

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