You don’t need to sell. They already sold themselves by watching all these videos. And they come in and they’re ready to go.

I don’t want to make this like a dictation thing, you know. I want everyone to be involved, and be thinking about your own social media.

Because one thing I’ve discovered in social media is that if you get external agencies to do it, you will never be personal. You will always be generic. All right, so that’s good that you guys are doing it from internally out.

The only thing we offer is then taking those videos and all these things, right, into what we call social media campaigns, which is basically paid ads, right. But on social media, I made a post the other day, it was like you know, you’ve got a lot of urinals and then you’ve got someone taking a pee and this other person walked all the way up. Instead of doing his business elsewhere, he walked all the way up to that person and said, “Hey, do you want teeth whitening?” You know, I don’t. That’s what it feels like if you use traditional marketing on social media.

The whole idea about social media marketing is that you need to be discovery-based. All right, so the potential patient or the audience, they discover you guys. All right, not sold by you guys. So that’s why the top 10% is them doing searches for Invisalign in or whatever.

But the next part is the 60%, all right, which is when you push this content to them, and then when they watch they go, “Huh,” “I learned something, you know, useful. “It’s something I’ve been thinking about, Invisalign.” All right, and then if you have a whole series of videos about Invisalign, they will if they’re interested, or triggers their sort of thinking, they’ll watch the second part, watch the third one, watch the fourth one, all right.

And this is another content called the mere-exposure effect, right, and that’s why you need to push out content on a regular basis, all right. And then, once again, now that you have this device that will allow you guys to create content really easily, go for very very specific topics.

And that’s why video content that you guys produce will just be a glorified FAQ. And the more we push everyone’s face out there to the target audience enhance the mere-exposure effect. Which means they see you multiple times, all right. They already trust you because they see they learn from you, right. And just that psychology phenomenon when you go to the supermarket and you see 20 brands of milk or butter, and you go, “Which one do I pick?” Right. People will look at the cost as one of the deciding factors. But they also look at which one they’re most familiar with. And that’s what we want you guys to be.

All right, and if you were to share all of your philosophy in dentistry in these videos, right. And your own personal experience, “Ah, you know, you’re supposed to wear it 22 hours a day “but you know, a lot of uni students, “they’re not very compliant, so a way around it” instead to wear it for three weeks, as opposed to two weeks.”

Just give them little tips like that, right. Then they learn stuff from you. Then the moment they step into this door, you don’t actually need to sell to them. And that’s the whole idea, right.

And I think in dentistry, like a lot of dentists they feel, “Ah, just sell this treatment plan.” That’s, you don’t need to sell. They already sold themselves by watching all these videos. And they come in and they’re ready to go.

So we’ve got plenty of other videos similar to this where it helps you with your marketing of the practice. Either subscribe to us on YouTube or like us on Facebook. And be notified the next time a video comes out.

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