Considering a Dental Menu at your practice? Part 4 – Implementation

So the menu has arrived. We got the Hygiene Menu and the Teeth Whitening Menu. As shown previously, you got, upgrades I’ve got $20 extra with a polish.

I’m not that keen on these pictures, but the client sort of insisted, so. I think the idea is that we knew during using a polish you’re going to see a lot of pockets, where it’s still not 100% clean even if you use the standard sort of scraping method.

But if you use a polish it’s nice and even. So I think that’s the idea. With the teeth whitening, you know, we’ve got the take home, in-chair. In-chair’s good for people who want that instant gratification, so in this particular case it’s Zoom Whitening, which is pretty big in the market right now.

And then the lifetime. This is the lifetime one. Only a little bit more, you get a lifetime worth of value. Of teeth whitening. Yeah, let’s see how it works.

Maybe we’ll have to review with the client on maybe a month? A month down the track? See how it goes. Cool.

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