Mothers Day Progress Report

– So, we’ve got a total of about $90.00 spent, $94.00 spent, 41 clicks in total. But, zero conversions to ad words. The click-through rate is relatively good. It’s 3.3% in total for all the keywords. For the main keyword, which has given the most click total, 50% which is Mother’s Day gifts. It’s about four and a half percent click-through rate. The ads are sort of getting those clicks in, but they’re not converting on the site. From a traffic perspective, this is just looking at that page, the Mother’s Day page, you’ve got about 229 users who visited last year. This is obviously prior to launch and then when we started advertising, traffic is increased. Then, closer to Mother’s Day we see increasing. In terms of the number of users, we’ve had 252 of which 92.4% are new users. Returning is most likely us visiting the page. In terms of on trade average, this is looking at Australia and traffic on there as well. Balance rate is about 72%, which means it’s not that bad, but the average session duration about four minutes. So, they are spending time on the page to read through it. I think this can be skewed because we have spent time on the page as well while looking at things and editing. In terms of conversions, I’m just going to go into the actual conversions. In terms of the Mother’s Day, yeah it’s still the same since yesterday, three and one.


– In terms of the social media ads, we so far spent $137, of which is already ranked on two companions, the daughter and the son, both videos. The reach is 5,200 for daughter. For the sons, it’s 1,500. So females as expected, females a lot higher. In terms of the clicks, there are 254 clicks from daughter and 24 clicks from the son. There’s a big skew towards the daughters. In terms of the video views 16% of all, the average person watches only 16% of the daughter one and 9% of the son one. That’s only about seven seconds for the daughter and then four seconds for the son. So we’re losing engagement. But there’s a lot of clicks. Unfortunately, we have yet to have into conversions. I think based on that, and I know for myself, I’m not ready to buy a present for my mom yet. It may be a bit too early. We just have to continue the campaign, but if there are any tweaks it’d be better.

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