A New Version of Review Stickers | How To Boost Your Business With Google Reviews? |

So we’ve got the printed version of Google reviews and we’ve named it reputation stickers. So that our clients can stick on to the A-frame or the windows. Somewhere that has to be prominent. You know, where there’s a lot of foot traffic or car traffic.


Because I guess as part of our job at 20/80 Solutions to help our client build their online reputation i.e to get more google reviews, and online reputation equates to the de-risking engagement from their patients to them.


For eg. This is psychology, 50 people say this vendor is good, it must be pretty good at what they do. So the idea was that what if we’re to take that online reputation and pull it down into the offline real world. Obviously, we’re leveraging off from Google’s branding i.e Google my business, and then put our client’s name, what’s their Google star reviews, and then how many Google reviews they had at that particular time.


And this actually gives them an incentive to say, “Hey, you know what?” Right now I’m on the 27th of March. We’ve got eight Google reviews. And I want to actually send out this review stickers to our clients every six months or so to give them an incentive to say, “Hey, you know what?”


Six months later, we have now reached 25 Google reviews and we’re still at 4.8 or something like that. It’s okay to get negative reviews, but make sure you’re above the 4 or 4.5 mark.


Yeah. And then we can consistently update the stickers and keep sending out to them. So that way when the foot traffic walk past, they go, “You know what? I’ve been thinking about going to see a dentist for a while and this guy seems pretty good. I’m going to give him a shot.” That’s the idea.


So version 2.0 is this part, which is the sticker where the sticky part is in the front. So they can actually stick this inside the window and therefore doesn’t have any … you know, have the risk of people sabotaging or ripping off their stickers.


So it’s like this. See? That’s the sticky front.

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