One of the common issue we had here at the office is that some times people often have out of sight, out of mind and you know, we obviously support quite a lot of our clients and one idea we came up with instead of neglecting our clients if we put them very visible onto our wall and each week we have one or two clients of the week and make sure we target a lot of our efforts and resources to update their website or online presence to make sure it’s up to date with what our current standards are so we came up with this idea where we started printing them on to the photo paper and we’ll plot them out one by one and then every week take one or two clients on the top of the wall and that way we’ll continuously help our clients improve.


Another idea I have is like I think we should put some date of some sort and after we have done the required changes to the client’s website we’ll write down the date so the idea is when we have made some major updates to the website of the client’s who are on our support cycle we’ll put the date on their photos and that way we can keep pushing constantly and make sure that every single client that we have we retouch them and we’ll coordinate that with our quarterly meeting as well so that when we meet them we talk about the issues they might have and the opportunity that they wanna see and make sure we tackle them and update them then it could be our client of the week.


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